Local Area Information

The nearest shop and bakery is to be found in L’Estréchure, which is less than 10 minutes drive away L'Estréchure Photos & Information

A supermarket, pharmacy, bank, post office, bakery and most other essential commerce can be found in Lasalle which is about a 15 minute drive and which hosts a market every Monday morning Lasalle Tourism

There is an Auberge in the local village of L’Estréchure which serves simple meals and doubles as a popular meeting place for locals and artisans to chat over a beer or pastis. There is another delightful café/restaurant in Saumane with tables and chairs next to the river.

Saint Jean-du-Gard is a medium sized town about 20 minutes away by car. Like Lasalle, most essential commerce can be found there. This is the start of the Steam Train Ride which goes to Anduze via La Bambouserie de Prafrance (please see days out listings). It also hosts the largest market in the whole of the department every Tuesday morning and other markets on Thursday evenings, Friday mornings (flea market) and Saturday morning (farmers' market) Saint Jean du Gard Information

There are lots of events at both Lasalle and Saint Jean-du-Gard in summer and also other spectacles throughout the year. 

Saint Andre-de-Valborgne is about 25 minutes drive away - a very pretty ancient town on the river Gardon with a Sunday morning market in summer, bar and restaurants Saint André de Valborgne Information

Anduze hosts a market on Thursday mornings all year round and every Tuesday evening in summer.  Anduze is about 35 minutes away from the property. Like Saint Jean-du-Gard there is a wealth of events organised throughout the summer, spring and autumn including a pottery festival in August and a chestnut and soup festival in October Anduze Information & Tourism

List of Market Days in the Gard Department