If you are lucky enough to visit the Cévennes in early June you will be able to witness the wonderful site of the annual transhumance at the Col de L'Asclier on the mountain above the gîte.

Several flocks of sheep from the lower plains meet at the Pont Moutonnier (sheep bridge) built especially to enable them to cross the road en route to their summer pastures high up above Mont Aigoual and in the limestone Causses plateaux further north. It is an unforgettable experience to watch the hundreds of sheep pouring down the mountain, flowing like milk. The sheep are beautifully decorated with colours, bells and ponpons and there is a festive atmosphere to the day. If you are tempted you can also accompany the shepherds for a night or even several days to share this wonderful experience, sadly in decline now due to various factors, most importantly easier transport by van or lorry to the higher plains.

Film of Transhumance at Col de L'Asclier 2013