Nîmes is the closest city to the property Nîmes Tourism

The word "denim" can find its origin in Nîmes as the heavy duty blue cloth was originally made here, taken to the USA to be used to make jeans by Levi Strauss - the cloth being "de Nîmes"!

Nîmes has a very long history, being developed by the Romans over 2000 years ago. The Pont du Gard (see page on drop down list) was built as an aquaduct to bring water from the spring of Nemausus to the city.

The famous ancient icon of the crocodile chained to a Palm tree can be seen all over the city - it is a reminder that Nîmes was a favorite retirement home for Roman officers who conquered Egypt (the crocodile represents Egypt, and the palm tree symbolizes victory)

There is some beautiful Roman architecture, the most famous being Les Arènes (like the Coliseum of Rome but better preserved) and the Maison Carré.

There is a wealth of culture, museums and restaurants to visit. Les Jardins de la Fontaine are particularly attractive - built by King Louis XIV for the sole use of himself and his court in the 17th century.

It is easy to visit Nîmes the same day as the Camargue, Pont du Gard or Uzès.

Camargue Tourism

Pont du Gard Tourism

Uzès Tourism

Arles is not far away either - Van Gogh lived here for several years and there is a Van Gogh Foundation you can visit all year round Vincent Van Gogh Foundation Arles