Flora, Foraging & Produce

Foraging & Produce

The flora growing here includes many edible plants and of course in season there are edible mushrooms to be found including chanterelles, hedgehog fungus, trompettes de la morte and ceps, amongst others. In Spring and Autumn it is satisfying to be able to wander around the land to collect wild plants for lunch – sometimes returning with more than 20 different salads! Your host is happy to take you on a tour to show you the glorious bounty of nature on which previous inhabitants relied to not only fill their stomachs but also their medicine chests when life was simpler but often difficult.

There are two potagers on the land and the seasonal produce is free to share with you, including figs and chestnuts later on in the year. The olives are harvested in December and are taken to the local mill to be transformed into oil. If you are here in January you would be welcome to share our kiwi harvest – last year we harvested about 100kg!

Many of these photos were taken here on our land but most of the orchids were photographed on the limestone plateaux North and West of us. You can find out a lot about orchids on this website Orchids of Cévennes