A short walk through the grounds takes you to a forest track which leads to the Mont Fageas, the Col de L’Asclier and the (Grande Randonnée) GR62 near the Mont Aigoual. The Col de l’Asclier is famous for the bridge built specifically for sheep to cross the road on their annual migration. This “Transhumance” happens in mid-June when herds of sheep are taken from the plains to the high mountains and “Causses” (high limestone plains) to profit from the rich pastureland. It is a very popular local event which is celebrated each year by dressing up favourite sheep with ponpons and embroidered bell collars. Often the sheep are toasted on their way in the morning by locals who share aperitifs. The herds return at the end of summer with lambs frequently being born en route. 

Transhumance L'Estréchure

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The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail passes through Saint Jean du Gard - 15 minutes away by car. Stevenson Trail

As the gîte is designed for like-minded people we supply you with the equivalent of ordnance survey maps, tailor made walking brochures, binoculars, baskets and several reference books of the local flora and fauna. Brochures of things to do and places to go are also included.